Privacy Policy

Privacy policy
When you will access this site then some of your information will be made public like Author name, contact information like Email Address or Phone Number if provided, Shared links and Personal Bio and Ip address and content that you share and submit.

We do not collect any sensitive information from the users like credit card or financial information, we therefore recommend users to safeguard their personal and sensitive information all the time. We do not sell user information with third parties.

All the site data will be shared and recorded in the server with our technology partner sites and will be accessed downloaded and maintained for up-gradation and web maintenance reasons.

We shall use external services to monitor the user aggregates and user session activity for improving this site’s experience.

We do not share your personal information with third-party but we may be enrolled with third-party services like google analytics and google Adsense.

We encourage all users to share only that data which is made for public viewing and not the one which is private or contains sensitive personal information.

About Google Analytics Use
We use google analytics technology to understand user behavior and interaction with our site, we have placed a special code on our site to monitor user aggregates.

About Adsense Use
We may have monetized this platform by using third-party advertisements like Google Adsense services, if you see google ads on this site then it could mean that we are currently monetizing this platform via Adsense.

Google services may use special web cookies to learn about user demographics and may show personalized advertisements.

Third-party Tools Use
We may also use third-party tools to monitor user activity and interaction with our site, hence we try our best to use those third-party tools which do not collect any information but we do not guarantee that.

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