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Buy & Sell Used Stuff in UAE from Fashion, Cars, Homes, Real Estate, Electronics, Furniture, Mobiles and Tablets, Watches, Bicycles, Bikes and Scooters, Arts, Home Decoration, Sports. Advertise, Post & Sell 100% FREE ✔

Buy and Sell Used Stuff, Earn Cash
Sell your used Stuff in UAE to Earn extra cash, Turn your extra items into Cash. SELL 100% FREE ✔

Buy and Sell Smart Phones
Sell your Smart Phones, Mobile Phones, Ipads, Iphones Tablets, Fablet , Samsungs etc in UAE. SELL 100% FREE ✔

Buy and Sell Electronics
Buy & Sell in UAE Television sets, Smart Tv, Computer Monitors, Led Devices. SELL 100% FREE✔
Sell used stuff such as your branded or non branded watches, Smart Watches, Smart Devices. SELL 100% FREE ✔

Buy and Sell Cars, Bikes, Autos
Buy & Sell in UAE your Cars, Commercial Cars, Vans, Bikes, Bicycles, Motor Cycles, Portable Scooters, and turn them into Cash. SELL 100% FREE ✔

Buy and Sell Real Estate Properties
Buy & Sell in UAE Real Estates, Property for Sale, Office Space, Rooms for Rent, Villas for Sale. SELL 100% FREE ✔

Buy & Sell Furnitures, Homes Appliances
Buy & Sell in UAE your unwanted Used Item such as Furnitures, Decoration stuff, Home Appliances, Dish Washer, Washing Machines, Computer Tables, Study Tables, Dinning Tables, Chairs etc. SELL 100% FREE ✔

Buy & Sell Fashion Brands, Clothing & Accessories
Buy and Sell Fashion Accessories, Clothes, Boots, Shoes, Sandals, Sports Shoes, Training Shoes. SELL 100% FREE ✔

Buy & Sell Arts and Crafts
Buy & Sell in UAE Art items, Paintings, Drawings, Art Collections Collectibles Arts. SELL 100% FREE ✔

Find & Post Jobs & Services
Buy and Sell Services by Posting Service Ads, whether you work in repairs or home movers or a mechanic who can fix any Car, or Local business who likes to advertise their services, you can use HollySale UAE to Advertise your services for free. ✔

Post Jobs as an Employer, Advertise Services as a Local Business and Find and Share Jobs as a Job Seeker, Post & List Jobs 100% Free ✔

Buy, Sell List on Classifieds
Buy and Sell Stuff with Free Classifieds Listings at HollySale UAE App, Place Ads from any UAE State or City or Map for free ✔

What you can do with Hollysale as a Buyer?
Contact Sellers ✔
Comment on items ✔
Call the Seller ✔
Message the Seller ✔
Browse items and Listings ✔
Spot nearby items in UAE ✔

What you can do as a Seller?
Snap and List ✔
List unlimited Items for Free in UAE ✔
Set prices ✔
Set and share your location for sale ✔
Sell Stuff in UAE ✔

HollySale benefits
Declutter your House ✔
Earn Cash Locally in UAE ✔
Generate Sales living in UAE ✔
Buy and Sell New & Used items ✔
Explore nearby items for sale ✔
BootSale and Garage Sale ✔
Meet nice people nearby ✔
Snap Sell Stuff ✔
Contact Nearby Sellers in UAE ✔
Spot bootsales ✔
Earn Cash daily ✔
Buy and Sell Stuff in UAE for free ✔
Shopping ✔

Enjoy Using HollySale as a Precious User

If you like to share your thoughts and stories then contact us at info@hollysale.com

Sell Anywhere in UAE ✔


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